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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 11, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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next at 10, two children fall deathly ill after sharing a turkey sandwich. >> burglar picks a really bad time for power nap. your news starts in 30 seconds. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> right now at 10, 28 preschoolers rushed to the hospital after drinking water laced with bleach. >> the staff inside is in tears. they're upset about it.
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>> mistake that put the dangerous mixture in so many little hands. >> and signs of hate painted on a local store. the opener's painful childhood experience is making this even harder to see. >> we begin with developing story. new video of a brutal attack. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the individual was shot just before local park ranger was assaulted. fox 29's chris o'connell has more on that. >> the attack happened last month but a new video surfaced on instagram shows the moment before a park rain jr. was beaten in center city's love park. you can see and decide for yourself if the ranger was to fight for just defending himse himself. >> the video of park ranger aaron williams at times is hard to watch. the seven year city worker getting beaten and then video taped in a violent attack in love park. police have charged 19 year old curtis tanner from pottstown with aggravated assault and
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other crimes. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: we were the first to show aaron williams a different video that surfaced on social media. a blurry 152nd clip that was taken a few seconds earlier. in this one, it shows williams trading belows with tanner and even using profanity. it all started when williams told tanner and his skateboarding friends to leave. here's the clip knots entirety. >> i'm about to bleep bleep. >> reporter: just last week williams testified in court he was trying to get tanner off of him and attempted to escape. but in this video, tanner's attorney says it shows williams was the aggressor at least in the beginning. >> were you threatening him at all? no. >> williams says he was just trying to defend himself and the video changes nothing. >> i was doing my job, okay?
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number two, he shouldn't have been there period. number three, there was three of them. i'm not coming here to fight. i'm here to do a job. >> reporter: now the district attorney's office tells us prosecutors are looking at this new video but so far charges against tanner remain. iain. >> chris, thank you. now on to your fox 29 weather authority and some temperature changes. chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking some of those. it was warm today. not as warm as we initially thought. but here's scott with more on that. >> that's certainly right, iain. of course we're tracking a cold front moving through right now and those temperatures will be dropping. out ahead those winds still out of the south and west but behind it we're looking at north and westerly winds and that will bring in some cooler air. look at the winds right now. you can see picking up behind that front. anywhere from five to almost 10 miles per hour north and west of philadelphia. and look at the temperatures. 70s right now in philadelphia. near 80 degrees but look to the west. 56 in pittsburgh.
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56 in detroit. low 50s in chicago. so as we go hour by hour, yes, we are looking at temperatures by 6:00 a.m. on friday morning upper 40s in the pocono mountains. low 50s in places like allentown as well reading. cup in philadelphia by 6:00 a.m. so it's going to be a little shock to the system. now coming up we'll talk about the weekend changes and when you'll need to pull out the rain gear as well as more roller coaster temperatures. iain and lucy. >> talk to you then, scott. happening right now, people in tacony want to put an end to the crime bringing down their neighborhood. so they got together tonight to figure out how to take back their community. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in tacony. sabina. >> reporter: it's been a tough few months here in tacony for the people here. they've seen several instances of high profile violent crimes and now they say they want to take back their streets. >> back robbery, um, there was a police officer that was shot. i mean we've been in the news
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quite often. the last couple weeks. >> reporter: tacony resident emily doesn't like the direction her neighborhood is headed. sent many echoed by the two dozen or so concerned neighbors gathering in a town watch meeting. >> it's hard because i have small children and i want to protect them. i don't want them to feel afraid to go outside and play. >> four young children. i don't want them to be raised in a neighborhood like that. lived here many years and moved out and then i moved back in, and it's been a drastic change. >> reporter: town watch members citing a spike in robberies. last month a police officer shot and wounded people are upset and venting. >> police say they understand the concern. they're attending the meeting able to offer a solution. >> with additional 30 officers employed it will take a difference here. >> police promising stepped up patrols emphasizing community policing. >> the people in this community
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they're my eyes and ears. they know what is going on and they give me that information, i'm going to act on it. >> all hands on deck evident to rescue a community beloved but beleaguered. >> it's beautiful. it has so many historical aspects. great shopping. great places to eat. it's a beautiful community you know. take away the drugs and the crimes. >> reporter: and officers say despite possible perception, violent crime hasn't gone up. the robberies have. either way they'll be out here in full force to get things under control. iain? >> sabina, thank you. burlington county authorities have charged a willingboro main in a horrible child sex assault case. 54 year old dennis alston is accused of sexually assaulting two children who were attending a home daycare operation that was overseen by his late wife. alston is charged with aggravated sexual assault and end daring the welfare of children. investigators say alston's late wife provided licensed daycare under the name home sweet home.
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>> we are hopeful that people watch this along the press release we issue it's not uncommon for us to have other families come forward to us when they talk to their children and those children disclose the same kind of activity. >> the victim's under the age of 12. authorities say the assaults occurred on more than one occasion between january and august of last year. >> to yotowamencin clutch a jude arraigned a north penn teacher on corruption of minor. the high school where todd gibson work initiate andy investigation after a victim confided in another teacher. he has been teaching chemistry since 2008. he was an assistant coach for the boys water polo team. >> tomorrow jurors will resume deliberations in the case of the kidnapping and sexual assault of a five year old girl. prosecutors say 21 year old christina regusters took her from her philadelphia school in january of 2013. now they say that she acted
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alone in the brutal crime fighting dna evidence. however, her defense attorney says others may have been involved. testimony lasted about two weeks with the young victim actually taking the stand briefly. passerby found her hiding under a slide in a playground the morning after her abduction. >> in delaware health officials are dealing with an outbreak that has sent 12 children to the hospital with respiratory illness. doctors have yet to identify the virus. health officials say they've got to do more testing to see if the virus is the same enterovirus sickened more than a thus san people especially children across our country. the results from the centers for disease control should be back within seven to 10 days. >> it's been 13 years since the 9/11 attacks and while the painful losses of that day are still being felt the heroism and bravery of that day are also being remembered. ground zero victims of the terrorist attack were commemorated as their names were read allowed and first responders some of whom were there that fateful day marched
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solemnly but proud until procession honoring those lost. several politicians were also present at today' memorial but no one talked politics. as fox news senior correspond rick leventhal reports emotions are still raw. >> michael george are a sin ski. >> lois a reno. >> reporter: it's become a familiar but heart wrenching ritual. families of victims of the 9/1 1 terror attacks reading the names of their loved ones for the 12th straight year here at the world trade center. security is still tight but most of the fences are now gone from the plaza and for the first time family members can walk through the 9/11 museum on this day of remembrance. >> i don't make people honor my son if i don't honor him myself by doing this every year so that people won't forget then who else will? >> reporter: people are remembering the heroes and victims of 9/11 in sorry moans across america and overseas. secretary of state john kerry paying tribute to the fallen as he continues his coalition
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building visit to the mideast. >> we have to find ways to make sure that we carry on in the spirit of those we lost. >> reporter: today is a day of service. the obama administration urging americans to help affect positive change in their communities and rekindle the spirit of unity that existed in the days after 9/11. >> great sacrifices folks like vets and my son made going to afghanistan and iraq, these guys, these women, they do an incredible job. i just came by to thank you and let you know from personal experience i know them well it matters. >> last year some 47 million americans volunteered their time on 9/11 organizers are hoping for an even bigger response this year. in new york, rick left haven't thaw, fox news. >> meanwhile at the pentagon president obama and the first lady participated in a wreath laying ceremony. they also paused for a moment of silence to remember the lives lost. 184 people died when american airlines flight 77 crashed the
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there. >> todd m. beamer. (bell tolls). >> in schwanksville, pennsylvania, a ceremony honoring the heroes of united flight 93. they over took the highjackers who then panicked and crashed the plane into an open field. pennsylvania governor tom corbett attended today's ceremony. it ended with the passengers and crew posthumously award the congressional medal of honor. a candlelight ceremony is taking place at the garden of reflect. >> memorial garden was the sight of a ceremony earlier today. many turned out this morning to honor the victims who are also heroes at the beautiful garden. it's designed as a walking journey leading mourners from powerful reminders of tragedy to symbols of hope and peace and you can see more pictures and videos by simply going to look for the 9/11 coverage right on our home page.
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>> republican leaders fully support president obama's request to arm and train iraqi security forces and the syrian rebels to fight isis. emery main skeptical of the president's larger strategy which specifically excludes putting us combat troops on the ground ground. house speaker john boehner doesn't think the plan outlined by the president will be enough to wipe out the terrorist group. >> air strikes alone will not accomplish what we're trying to accomplish. and the president's made clear that he doesn't want u.s. boots on the ground. well somebody's boots have to be on the ground. >> the president said he would authorize air strikes inside syria along with expanded strikes in iraq to root out islamic state crem extremists. >> local business owner finds messages of hate painted on his store. the dark chapter from his childhood that is making this harder to take. >> more than two dozen preschoolers are taken to the hospital after drinking water
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laced with bleach. how the dangerous mixture got into the hands of so many kids. >> and a burglar buffed. fell asleep goldy locks style in the homeowner's bed. his rude awakening coming. >> lesean mccoy is talking about that restaurant tip that's got everyone talking. why he says he only left 20 cents behind. why he says he only left 20 cents behind. ♪ you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money,
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♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent more on car insurance. ♪ >> big traffic trouble in montgomery county. it's clear tonight but skyfox was over the scene when it was very ugly. a car overturned and a truck ran up an embankment on interstate 76 in fort washington. medics took two people to the
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hospital. no word on their conditions. the accident had traffic backed up for 8 miles at one point. the store owner in northeast philadelphia finds swastikas painted on the front windows of his business today. what make it so hurtful his mother narrowly escaped the holocaust. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney has been talking with him and his neighbors about what happened. >> it hurts. it brings tears to your eyes. >> it's overwhelming. i couldn't believe what i was seeing report roar this is what eddie was seeing when she showed up for work at frankie g's hair salon on bustleton. hate. business red swastikas painted on the front window of simon kosher meat store a few doors down. >> this never happened in 60 years i lived there. this is a disgrace. >> reporter: simon was overwhelmed with sadness when he arrived at his business and saw the swastikas. simon has been here 23 years. his mom escape the ukraine eye ahead of the nazis in 1941 when he was just a baby. to find this on the front and
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the back of his store is heartbreaking. >> this is bother me because like jewish person oy feel very bad, you know. it's a shame. this is no good. not in america. >> reporter: police combed the scene for clues this morning. are hoping surveillance cameras caught a glimpse of the culprits in the act. this is a very diverse neighborhood. they pride themselves here on getting along. >> it is like a punch to the stomach. it really is. it's always been a nice, nice neighborhood. >> i was flabbergasted because nobody in this neighborhood has ever done something like that really. they really -- i can't get over it. >> reporter: dawn timmeney fox 29 news. >> customs agents say arriving passenger at kennedy airport in new york had more than a laptop in her computer bag. officers stopped ortega tejada after a flight from the
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dominican republic. her bag was usually heavy and upon inspection they found 3.5 pounds of coke cane. the street value of the drugs was more than $55,000. >> the deal is done. an ounce or less of marijuana in philadelphia is on the cusp of decriminalization. mayor nutter and the city council have reached an agreement that is making histo history. as fox 29's karen hepp reports, philly will be the largest u.s. city where you can carry that amount of pot and not end up doing a stipulate in jail. >> reporter: no more jail time, no more criminal record for just a small amount of pot. fewer lives up in smoke that's the goal starting next month in philadelphia get caught with 30 grams or less of marijuana, that's couple of bags, you will get in trouble, a $25 fine. if you're caught smoking, you'll have to pay 100 bucks or do community service but this is all a civil matter. you won't be labeled a criminal for the rest of your life. >> all those in favor say aye. >> aye. >> those opposed.
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>> philadelphia city council okayed the deal. the man pledged to support advocate councilman jim kenny says it will save lives and futures. >> if you side track a kid based on this activity, you're really doing a bad thing for the entire city because that kid will most likely stay in poverty or wind up in jail. let them get through their youthful stuff and become good adults. >> reporter: thousands were arrested every single year in philadelphia for pot possession. 84% young black men. young folks who couldn't get jobs or apartments oh are a way out the executive director of institute for development of african-american youth. >> we cannot have our young men banished from the main stream society and wonder why they're in the doing well. >> reporter: as a law and order guy philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay was not a proponent of decriminalization but he is on board. >> right now my focus is on making sure when this becomes
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law that we can implement it as smoothly as possible. >> reporter: karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> all right. unless you've been hanging out under a rock you've heard about lesean mccoy and his tip troub trouble. >> tonight we're hearing for the first time from mccoy himself. the waiter at pyt the burger joint in northern liberties is a said mccoy left a 20-cent tip on bill just over 60 bucks. the waiter did admit to us mccoy did not get the best service. the burger joint and bar posted the check on its facebook page and the incident has been all the talk in fill the past three days. >> i tip on my service, you know, and i think the difference between, you know, good service and bad difference or just having a bad day. there's big difference just being rude and disrespectful, you know. so that's how that went. 20-cent tip was just more kind of a statement, you know, you can't be disrespectful and
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expect somebody to tip you. i don't care who the person is. that's why i left my card so they could my name. >> he said he usually tips well and is respect tull full. >> he did not hold news conference to tuck about. it was part of that after practice thing. >> exactly. >> basically he was -- hi, sco scott. >> and basically, you know, somebody asked him, right, scott. >> he had to answer the question. people are asking you, what's up with the weather? >> today temperatures were in the 80s. tomorrow morning it's going to be in the 50s and 60s across a good chunk of the area you might want to grab that light jacket or sweater out the door off to work or school. cold front moving through as we speak that will mean winds shifting out of the north and west and that always draws down usually drier and cooler air but right now, it's near 80 degrees still at this hour. humidity up there at 74%. look at the dew point at 70. so pretty warm, pretty muggy right now but those temperatures will be dropping over the next several hours. low 60s right now in the pocono
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mountains. we're looking at 80s still in dover. 77 degrees in atlantic city. but when you wack up tomorrow morning, we're looking at temperatures in the suburbs 54 degrees. low 60s in the city. we'll call the mostly clear. it will be a cool start. so recapping the forecast for tonight, decreasing clouds. drying out and temperatures dropping rapidly. well talk about that weekend forecast and when you'll need the umbrellas coming up. iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you nobody wants to see this when they glance out of the window of a plane. why passengers had to wait so long to find out if they were safe. >> and one tough little dog is fighting to become a member of a local police force. unbelievable obstacles and its dog are facing and why they refuse to give up. >> plus special deliveries. two local sisters give birth just hours apart. why their story is even sweeter for a couple of other family why their story is even sweeter for a couple of other family members.
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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♪ >> drama in the air and look at that. a mobile phone captures it all. a passenger on russian plane recorded these images last week just after the end jenn caught fire. the plane had just taken off from barcelona was headed to russia. flight crew shut down the engine and spent an hour in the air dumping fuel before making an emergency landing. back in barcelona.
10:25 pm
nobody was hurt. >> police say the south carolina father accused of killing his five children has a long criminal past. police say timothy jones is an ex-con who went on a crime spree in illinois back in 2001. prosecutors have now charged him with five counts of murder. police say he confessed to killing his children and then dumping their bodies in trash bags along a rural road in alabama. jones was given sole custody of the kids after a custody battle with their mother. e cola kills an oregon child and another is fighting for his life. the families of the children say the two split a turkey sandwich at a gathering over labor day weekend. both kids got sick shortly after the gathering. four year old serena profit died on monday. five year odd before you had sutton is now in critical condition and health officials don't know if that sandwich is the source of the e. coli and they may never know the source. >> not guilty. so says the judge in the oscar pistorius trial at least when it comes to the premeditated murder of his girlfriend. but that is only part of the
10:26 pm
verdict. the double amputee olympian wept as a judge read her verdict in the death of reeva steenkamp. the manic name the blade runner admits he shot her but he thought she was an intruder the the judge said the prosecution did not clearly prove its case on premeditated murder she dismissed a lesser murder count but he faces a charge of culpable homicide f convicted on that charge pistorius would face a maximum of 15 years in jail. the trial resumes tomorrow morning. operation home front honors a local hero with a huge surprise. the life-changing gift they gave him tonight coming up. >> and a back to school surprise. high school students are given condoms in a gift bag. the mick yup that's got some parents fuming. >> that's a surprise. you think parking in philadelphia is expensive. imagine paying a million dolla dollars, a million dollars for a single parking spot. homeowners are expected to pay hey pal? you ready?
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>> convicted killer has escaped from prison. 19 year old tj lane at his sentencing last year. lane escaped with two other inmates this evening. police are searching the woods at a residential area near the prison. lane pleaded guilty to the shooting near cleveland back in 2012. he was given three live sentences. officials do not believe the inmates are armed but they say they are dangerous. >> a man from queen village is behind bars tonight charged with the murder of his girlfriend. police say marcus johnson shot 32 year old nakeesha eugene in the head and arm monday after a struggle. it happened on the 900 block of south fifth street. she died at the hospital the next day. >> new castle county police are hoping two just released sketches of the boys who assaulted and robbed a 12 year old in a wheelchair will help lead to them. now take look. police say these two boys atta attacked la quon mackey along buchanan circle. la quon was simply exercising
10:31 pm
trying to earn his boy scout merit badge. mackey has cerebral palsy and he says the boys pushed his chair into a storm grate where it got stuck. he says they then punched him in the face over and over and finally stole his land yard and his house key. police think the boys might live in his neighborhood. if you recognize them, please call police. >> september 11th, 22001 a day americans will never forget. while aboard battleship new jersey in camden one local service man got gift that will change his life for the better. (applause). >> army specialist augusta bruno surprised with keys to a new home, mortgage free thanks to wells fargo and the non-profit organization operation home front. which helps military families through financially hard times. bruno served two tours of duty in iraq is medically retired from the military. he's got three children works as a schoolteacher and had been
10:32 pm
living in close quarters with extended family members. >> so now i have a place to call my own and i can have my kids come over and have a space for them to spend time with me as well. something about owning a place the land that you defended is a great feeling. >> bruno says the 9/11 terror tax inspired him to join the military. it's also become a family particular addition that he hopes he can set a strong example for his son. >> congratulations to him. what a great story. >> community in gloucester county, new jersey, is banding together to help a k9 in need. >> local family rescued a dog named mr. cooper and they planned to donate him to the glassboro police force, but the 15 month old dog hurt his acl playing fetch. now needs surgery and rehabilitation and you know it, it is expensive. the family has did he 98ed other dogs to the force after rescuing them as well now the community wants to help. it's pulling together to try to raise funds to cover mr mr. cooper's medical costs and
10:33 pm
tonight and all day today they held a dine and donut fundraiser in woodbury. a powerful south jersey state lawmaker wants body cameras for all patrol officers under their donald nor crows is sponsoring a landmark police camera bill. he wants all officers to wear these cameras that. will increase safety for everybody police and the public. he calls body cameras the next logical step in public safety. >> you know cameras are a part of life for newborns baby brad looks always look popular and two sisters are sharing think improbable deliveries tonight. >> 22 hours apart. and the first grandchildren for this family. fox 29's bruce gordon has the story. >> reporter: meet newborn jack bism nk, 7 pounds 6-ounces and 20.5-inches long. his new newer born cuz zen owen whitaker 8 pounds 9-inches and 21-inches. they were born just 22 hours apart to parents who are still shaking that are heads over this very special delivery.
10:34 pm
>> no words to describe it. i really can't. it's out of body experience so far. so it's been nothing but good news and great times. >> now we're tied to them forever. >> reporter: it began at a pizza party about nine months ago. bridget and lee bism nk announced they were pregnant with their first child. emily her younger sister was there with her husband colin. >> i was cheering her with champagne and wine and teasing her she couldn't drink it. and then that night on the ride home my husband colin said to me this is too strange. you've been little off i think you should take a test. >> she actually went home, took a pregnancy test. four tests. >> four tests to make sure and the next day she knocks on my door with her hub colin and my mom and dad and says we're going to have baby, too. >> i couldn't believe it. >> it's been the craziest nine months ever. >> the sisters held a dual baby shower and talked some about their dual delivery dates. september 15th. but jack came a lit bit early
10:35 pm
wednesday morning around 7:30. emily game to abington memorial to visit. >> brought my hospital bag thinking this could be it for me. i'd walk around a little and the baby would know cousin was calling it out. >> by 5:30am thursday, a second baby had entered the world. cousins just 22 hours apart. their moms beaming with pride and talking about the future. >> we gave them a brother and best friend and, you know, seeing them playing sports together and going to school together and all the way down the line. it's still just so surreal the whole thing is surreal. i can't believe i'm a mom. i can't believe my little sister at a mom. it's crazy. it really is. >> new dad lee look at the two little boys and see the starting second baseman and short stop for the 2034 phillies. for now they're just two healthy little guys with mom who's have redefined the term double play. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> watch out. watch that flying around. anchor team is shaken up after halloween hits their studio
10:36 pm
little early. >> plus more than two dozen little kids end up at the hospital after drinking bleach. i want you to know they're okay. but that mistake at the pre-school had parents and staff in tears. >> burger king introduces the black burger. >> what? black burger. >> what? >> would you don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools.
10:37 pm
he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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>> there it is again. >> we're all jumping alone. whoo! >> pretty good moves. that's a chaotic wake up call these tennessee anchors and crew were ducking down for their morning newscast there was bat flying around as you saw. the bat was able to avoid capture for hours while the crew frantically tried to get it out of the studio. the bat was safe and ended up in the woods. good ending there. >> that was a good thing. you could have fun with that thing because you could like sub title it and like put your own words what they were saying. >> exactly. >> i was just feeling sorry for the bat. he got lost and wanted to get out. >> in your money how much would you pay for a parking space. the big question because it's a big price in the big apple parking is at a premium and we're talking about platinum plated premium much the charge
10:40 pm
for a slot at one building is $1 million. whoo! a new residential development is going up in soho. parking is so scarce the building's banging someone will pay a million bucks for an underground space. keep in mine the penthouse is going for 25 million. so what's an extra 1 million between friends? still it's very steep price. on average the cost to buy a parking spot in manhattan is $140,000 which i still think is -- >> bargain. >> ridiculous. speaking of which, you know, look at these burger here. it's a real burger and it's from of all places burger king in japan. selling what calling an all black burger later this month. it's made with as you can see a black bun using bamboo charcoal. black sauce and black cheese an regular colored beef patti. it also has black pup per and onions and squid ink. the fast food chain says the burger will only be on the menu for a limited time. squid ink because that's all
10:41 pm
black. >> all right. well frightening scare for children and adults at a daycare in jersey city today. >> substitute teacher preparing lunch accidentally handed out cups of deleted bleach instead of pure water. zap staff member finally noticed what happened not before 28 children and two adults drank that bleach chi liquid. the substitute teacher said she mick up a water bottle and another one used to clean tables d not see the label on the back. the exec tough director for the growing tree learning center says they are devastated. >> we apologize. the staff inside is in tears. they're upset about it. they work with these children every day. they love these children. >> the staff called 911 right away and luckily no one was drank enough of that kind of bleach liquid to get severely sick. the solution was very diluted. big surprise in back to school gift bag. high school students get personal hygiene searches and condoms and parents as you can imagine are angry. school officials explaining how
10:42 pm
the embarrassing mix-up next. >> you sneeze you lose, right burglar finds that out the hard way when he falls asleep in a homeowner's bed. what happened when the cops showed up straight ahead. >> hey, scott. >> hi there, lucy. temperatures are dropping across our area. but look at the west. 50 in minnesota. 30 degrees in kasper. how cool it gets for us and also
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♪ >> this was no typical back to schoolbag. some students at a north carolina high school were given goodie bags with condoms inside. the bags were handed out by student groups at a nearby community college. since some of the high schoolers take class there is, they were given the bags by mistake without the high school administration or teachers knowing about it. as you can imagine, parents, they weren't happy. >> i think this is disgusting. very disappointing. as a parent, i try to tell my sons and daughters the right w way. >> officials say next year the bags will be handed out by staff members and before they're handed out they will check to see what's inside. well, i've heard of heavy sleepers but this guy, he takes the cake.
10:46 pm
a florida burglar gets busted after falls asleep in the homeowner's bed. >> the thing is he doesn't even wake up when police arrive and snap his pick which are. fox's john casio has the story. >> reporter: senate rule number one burglary, don't get caught inside? >> this is the best part. >> reporter: apparently dion davis here didn't get the memo. he's fast asleep in bedroom. >> he took this metal can that i have in here which contains all, you know, the jewelry so to to speak. this was on the floor. that was over there. and he's laying down there sleeping. >> reporter: homeowner john robert was out of town when davis allegedly bundled the burglary this week. >> all the trays and everything, you know, all silver and junk were out. he had lined everything up on the floor. >> reporter: the cleaning lady was the first to find him sleeping like a baby. >> she saw the legs and she thought maybe i had died.
10:47 pm
she came here and she tip toed out, dialing 911. >> everything is in disarray. i walked in his bedroom and there's a man in there laying on the bed. i'm scared. >> sarasota county deep if you tesicam and say davis was still snoozing of course they snapped this picture for evidence before hauling him off. >> you got to be a real bonehead to fall asleep in a house you're trying to steal from. >> for him to sleep as long as it took for her to call 911 for to us respond and get in the house and he not hear a single thing, i have to think he might have been under the influence of something. >> i couldn't believe it again. i just think it's funny that that could happen. i got all my stuff thanks to lucky break. >> reporter: it gives new meaning to the phrase you snooze, you lose. >> doesn't it remind you of goldie locks that bed was just right. yeah. all right. the philadelphia tribune released its annual list of the city's most influential african-americans. nation's oldest black newspaper
10:48 pm
honored more than 150 prestigious men and women tonight at the pennsylvania convention center. special edition on sunday. the tribune will salute 10 people under 40 to watch. african leaders and movers and shakers honorees include politicians and he had educato educators, business, people, community activists and labor leader. >> time to check in on your fox 29 weather authority. here's scott williams with what we can wake up to today. iain you'll need to find your winter jacket. how about that? >> parka. that's how cold it will get for you but we are looking at a touch of fall tomorrow morning. look at this. temperatures will be dropping into the 50s and even 60s. low 60s for the philadelphia area tomorrow morning. but friday sunshine returns, low humidity. it's going to be a nice day. temperatures moderate as well. but the weekend, the important weekend, below average temperatures and also unsettled weather for a part of it. we'll have the timing coming up. >> but right now a cold front is moving through as we speak. those winds will be shifting from the southwest out ahead of
10:49 pm
it to the northwest behind it. that will usher in some cooler air. but as we take look tomorrow morning. it's going to be mostly sunny and dry. beautiful weather for friday. so no problems. friday night into saturday, the same front that moves through tonight, comes back our way as a warm front we're looking at mostly cloudy skies to start. it should be a dry start on friday or saturday morning. but as we advance the clock you can see what happens. 5:00 in the afternoon we're looking pretty unsettled. showers across the area. some of it could be heavy at times. but that system is going to be moving out of here in time for sunday. so saturday afternoon, saturday night a little wet. 84 degrees was the high testimony cher today. the normal this time of year is 80. the record, 98 degrees set back in 1983. as we talk a little before the about the temperatures right now, 79 in philadelphia. but look at the 50s in pittsburgh. 51 right now in chicago. 50 in minneapolis. so cooler air is headed in our
10:50 pm
direction behind that front. how cool? by 6:00 a.m. on friday morning, 40s right now. the forecast in the pocono mountains we're looking at low 50s in pottstown. upper 50s in trenton. low 60s in philadelphia as well as wilmington. so a taste of fall. what about a taste of winter towards sections of montana, wyoming, south dakota, take look at the reports of snow there today. also, freeze warnings and advisories posted as temperatures there will dip below 32 degrees. for us, though, we're looking at clearing skies. it will be cooler less humid those winds out of the west northwest five to 10. 50s in the burbs. low 60s in the city. beautiful weather for your friday. no concern for rainfall. 77 degrees will be the high temperature. low humidity and comfortable conditions. that seven day forecast showing you the wet scenario for saturday. mostly cloudy skies, we're looking at showers for the afternoon and evening. but it's out of here in time for the second half of the weekend.
10:51 pm
but look at the temperatures. only 71 for the high on saturday. 73 on sunday. and then we stay below average into next week. >> how about that. >> you should have seen iain when you said the 30s number. >> thankfully we're not there. >> not yet. not yet. >> i know. soon enough. >> yeah. >> thank you, scott. >> all right. howard. >> all right. well, being the weather will get there, let's talk a little about football weather. the eagles will explain what they are in for on monday night in indy and an ugly beating in baseball. tonight the numbers will not add up for physical lease this season it's finality to part of th
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ >> all right. monday night will give us all a better read on an eagles team that is good but the first road test will be a good gauge for the team and it's indy. the face of the colts for years was peyton manning that. obviously has changed now it is quarterback andrew luck. he was the number one pick in the draft two years ago. and he is the player that has to be stopped to beat the colts. eagles players know what the mission has to be. >> he's a lot better, um, just from his ability to get the ball out quick. his ability to read a defense, and to make the assessment and understand, you know, where the holes are and who is going to put him in the best matchup as
10:55 pm
best as possible. >> do the eagles have an advantage facing luck? tight end zach ertz was a teammate of luck's at stanford. he noticed a thing or two. >> i can probably tell you the whole offense. if they were to give me the signals and everything i could tell you what each and every person does. they haven't come to me yet. if they need me i'm here. >> the coaches come to him then the game is over. >> lesean mccoy did not have the numbers last week against jacksonville there's another challenge for mccoy. two new players on the offensive line not problem oar the eagles and mccoy says the offense won't have problems. >> the good thing about this offense, we put points up fast. running the ball, throwing the ball we can score from any angle, on the ground or in the air. that's why being done is not that big of a deal. we know what type of offense we have let alone the defense played lights out. so running the ball is our game. >> bad news for the phillies tonight. they no longer have a chance to winter national league east. with washington winning, all it would take is a phillies loss
10:56 pm
and they would be mathematically he will limb nated from that. let's go to the ballpark. the math is over. lawrence mccutcheon hit the inside the park home last night. double in part of a three-run sixth inning and watch he makes a little gesture it look like for heim i don't know. but the phillies took offense. so after burnett it's louis garcia. i mean what are you doing? what are you doing? >> i think that's weak. meanwhile the phillies struck out 14 times and they lost fou four-one. >> an ugly play and this is why two milwaukee. jianne carlos maybe one of the three best players in baseball gets hit right in the face with that pitch. another player was hit in the face tonight for the yankees, and this is so -- this started -- this is later in the game milwaukee hit the pitcher. jianne carlos stanton and miami coming in town. it would have been fun to see them if there's any fun watching the phillies but that's ugly.
10:57 pm
in serious on how serious the injury s that's why she shouldn't throw at peoples' heads. >> at 90 miles an hour. exactly. >> thank you howard. that will do it for us here at 10:00. tmz up next. be sure to watch the fox morning news and "good day philadelphia" starting at 4:00 a.m. news and "good day philadelphia" starting at 4:00 a.m. ♪
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> there is a fancy new sex tape out on the market and it may be iggy azalea. >> vivid entertainment, who does a lot of celebrity sex tapes, they claim that it's a long tape, it's really high def, the quality is really high. >> thank god for high def. >> sonja morgan from "real housewives of new york," she's hammered. so we ask her how the party was. >> i think it was a straw that stirred the drink. >> a guy comes through and she starts kissing him and she's kissing with her mouth closed and he starts tonguing on her face. >> charlie sheen is giving $1,000 to the waiter that lesean mccoy allegedly stiffed. >> he must have done so aggressively awful for lesean